Press Features

DailyTekk: Seriously, Best iPhone Case Ever 09/10/15

“Unlike the last luxury iPhone case I tested just a week or so ago (which was a Marble case from Mikol) the buttons, ports and camera are all given plenty of breathing room. More specifically the buttons are very easy to press. This case is the perfect balance of screaming style and usability; it adds a unique flair to your phone but at the same time it gets out of the way so you can actually use your phone like it wasn’t even wearing a case.”

Carbon Trim Solutions: The Perfect Holiday Gift 12/01/14

“Carbon Trim Solutions offers a wide variety of products crafted from the material that are not only great to look at, but also incredibly durable. Each product they create is professionally made from hand-laid carbon fiber that has been sanded, coated and polished. There is no fake carbon fiber here, only the real thing.”

Top 10 Gifts for Car Lovers 12/15/14

This iPhone case is made of REAL carbon fiber – “Car folks love carbon fiber. And to get that distinct, woven look in their accessories, they have no shortage of choices. But in many cases, they’re getting the look — not the real deal. This Carbon Trim Solutions iPhone 6/6 Plus case, however, is made from true carbon fiber. It’s lightweight, nearly indestructible, and it exudes credibility.”

iPhone 6 Carbon Fiber Case Now Available 10/28/14

“Carbon Trim Solutions, a luxury lifestyle company that specializes in carbon fiber products, recently announced that its popular line of iPhone cases are now available on pre-order for the recently-released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.”