About Us
The Story of Carbon Trim Solutions
Carbon Trim Solutions was founded in 2012 after a long search for the perfect carbon fiber case. Wanting high-quality, pure carbon fiber cases and accessories, we found nothing that suited our tastes.

We set out to fill this gap in the market and to develop the world’s first 100% carbon fiber case, offsetting the iPhone’s already near-perfect rounded aesthetics with sharp angles and a low profile to accentuate the weave of the carbon.

After the success of the Original Carbon Trim Case for iPhone 5/5s, we began to unroll new lifestyle accessories, starting with our license plate frames and money clips, and later released our most popular product to date, the Carbon Trim Case for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus.
In 2015, we unveiled our revolutionary FlexCarbon™ line of fabric carbon fiber products, which includes our best-selling wallets and keychains. These products are truly unique in that we use untreated, raw carbon fiber fabric to stitch our designs, then seal them with a smooth, durable resin.

We continue to constantly release new, innovative carbon fiber products, enjoyed by thousands around the world. Take a look below and see what the media has to say about us, as well as some of our loyal customers.
‘The Perfect Holiday Gift’
- duPont Registry
‘Seriously, Best iPhone Case Ever’
- DailyTekk
‘Nearly Indestructible and Exudes Credibility’
- Business Insider
‘Inspired by the high-end exotic automotive world’
- Yahoo! Finance