carbon fiber cardholder wallet announcement

Since 2012, we’ve been devoted to being your premier source of original, authentic carbon fiber lifestyle accessories.  Starting with the original Carbon Trim Case, leading us to the Carbon Trim Clip, and our best-selling plate frames, we’ve hit a roadblock. Our solid carbon fiber gear is made by laying sheets of fabric carbon fiber into finely machined moulds, which are then injected with a resin and baked to extreme temperatures to cure the final product.

We’ve found that limiting our production capabilities to only solid carbon fiber has kept us from developing some of our finest designs, which is why we’re proud to announce our all-new fabric carbon fiber line, FlexCarbon™.  These stunning new products are made by skipping the autoclave, and using a proprietary technique to stitch carbon fiber in a manner to similar textile goods.

We’re launching our first FlexCarbon™ product today, our original 100% real carbon fiber cardholder (pictured above). Available in a wide array of stitching colors, we’re certain we have a cardholder to match your lifestyle. Introductory pricing on these exciting new products is $99, which will increase to $119 after the first production run is sold out.

Reserve yours today to take advantage of the introductory pricing and to be alerted when available for shipment mid-November. No deposit or payment is required.