We know it’s been a while since we’ve released any new products, that’s why we aren’t releasing just one new innovative carbon fiber design this time – we’re updating our entire product line to now include an exclusive Carbon Trim 1×1 Weave Variation.

What’s the difference? 

Our Carbon Trim 1×1 Cases, Clips, and License Plate Frames are made of individual strands of carbon fiber, uniformly woven in and over and under fashion, as opposed to the classic twill weave which we’ve offered since day one, which is woven in a 2×2 diagonal pattern. The 1×1 weave offers a different tensile strength due to its simple pattern, and provides a more professional, squared off look, with it’s checkerboard like pattern.

Plain weave, or 1×1 Carbon Fiber, is commonly found in a number of exotic cars, the most notable being Ferrari. As such, it’s only logical that we offer our products to match.

1×1 Variant Availability (Now!)

We are proud to offer our 1×1 Carbon Fiber for all of our existing Carbon Fiber iPhone and Carbon Fiber Lifestyle Products, with Samsung on the way, and in our two timeless finish options: matte and gloss.

The products are available for our Members and VIP-Level Friends, Family, and Clients, today.  Please sign in to view the exclusive ordering page until the products are open to the general public.

Each purchase of a 1×1 Product for the next 3 weeks qualifies you an entry in to our Ferrari Merchandise Giveaway – we will be announcing the giveaway in full detail later tonight.

We hope you’re as excited as we are in releasing these exclusive new options, as always, only available from us, Carbon Trim Solutions.