Car week 2016 carbon fiber news highlights

Every year around this time, the elite of the automotive world gather in Monterey, California for arguably the most exclusive car event in the world: Monterey Car Week.

From the coveted Quail Motorsports Gathering and ritzy afterparties to the record-breaking auctions, there’s always a ton of exciting news from all niches of the industry.

This year, we sent a few of our Brand Ambassadors, armed with their Carbon Trim Cases, FlexCarbon™ Wallets, and cameras to see some of the newest developments in the automotive sphere – with a particular focus on carbon fiber news (naturally).

So here you have it – the top 5 most exciting carbon fiber developments from Car Week 2016!

Blue Carbon on the Bugatti Chiron

Blue carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron unveiled at car week 2016

Without a doubt, the Bugatti Chiron was a top contender at CW 2016, as expected. If you were to look closely at this 1500-horsepower W16 beast, you’d find that that’s not blue paint – it’s deep blue tinted carbon fiber paneling. Photo: GTSpirit


Jaguar XJ220 Offered for Auction by Silverstone

Jaguar XJ220 Auctioned at car week

Silverstone Auctions auctioned this British Racing Green Jag, with just 5,400 miles on the clock, this past week. Fetching $357,500, this 1994 beast was once crowned the fastest car in the world, in part due to its carbon fiber paneling in some models. Oh, and did we mention that this car has been literally museum-maintained? Photo: Carscoops


Ford GT’s Carbon Fiber Everything

Ford GT carbon fiber news

We featured the new Ford GT in our “Carbon Fiber Year in Review” blog post late last year, and we’re bringing it back again to showcase the immense amount of carbon fiber utilized in this monster, including full carbon fiber seats and optional carbon wheels. In a surprising turn of events, Ford also announced at Car Week that they will be adding another two years of production to the Ford GT’s schedule – another 500 cars.
Photo: Ford Motor Company


Aston Martin Vulcan #11 of 24 Auctioned by Mecum

Aston Martin Vulcan car week 2016 highlights in carbon fiber news

One of the most exciting modern cars to be auctioned off at the exclusive event was the new Aston Martin Vulcan. Boasting extensive carbon fiber inside and out, this futuristic take on the classically British brand has collectors around the world drooling. Photo: Top Gear


KODE57’s 2.5 Million Dollar Concept

KODE57 2.5 million dollar concept car


It’s got to be great if boxer and hypercar collector Floyd Mayweather’s put a deposit down, right? Inheriting the first two letters of its name from its creator, Ken Okuyama, and the last two from the era of its inspiration, 1957, this concept certainly spent some time in the spotlight at Car Week. Okuyama is widely credited as the chief creative behind the Ferrari Enzo, and certainly appears to continue making waves with this 3,600 pound, 2.5 million dollar beauty. Photo: Forbes


And of course, no blog would be complete without a few photos taken by our fantastic Brand Ambassadors who visited Monterey for Car Week. Enjoy and send us your photos of the #Carbontrimlife to be featured!


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