Free Keychains Promotion - How to Claim Yours

We're giving one away with every order for a limited time. Here's how to claim yours!

Car Week 2016 Highlights

Every year around this time, the elite of the automotive world gather in Monterey, California for arguably the most exclusive car event in the world: Monterey Car Week.

Carbon Fiber of 2015: A Year in Review

2015 was a big year for all of us – we at Carbon Trim have been busy with everything from the unveiling of our 1×1 collection to accommodating the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, finishing off with the release of our new FlexCarbon™ line. Here’s a look at the carbon fiber industry as a whole this past year.

Ambassador Feature: Calvin Courjon from France

We’re always excited to bring new Brand Ambassadors aboard the...